[Video] 5 Ways to Hack the New Facebook Algorithm

Facebook decided to change its algorithm. Again. And businesses, as well as the stock market, freaked out a bit. While the stock price mostly recovered, we’d like to help you recover from the shock of hearing about the impending moves which, according to Mark Zuckerberg himself, are going to affect how business pages, promotional messaging and even video gets seen by the more than 1.3 billion users visiting Facebook each day.

So, we present to you: 5 hacks for creating effective Facebook marketing in 2018.

Hack #1: Employee Advocacy

Get your employees talking.

  • Facebook users’ personal feeds are where the action is, so make sure you let your employees know about company-relevant news that is interesting to them, to their friends, and lets them crow a bit about how much they love being part of the creative force behind your company’s efforts.
  • And don’t forget to ask for their input. Listen to what they have to say and thank them for their loyalty and enthusiasm.

Hack #2: Engaging Content

Create content worth noticing and, more importantly, worth talking about.

  • Comments about your content are now more important than when someone shares or likes it. So create stuff that inspires feedback.
  • Direct questions. Emotional resonance. Nostalgia. Educational lessons that spur further questions. All this leads people to want to start a dialogue and be heard.
  • Things like fun quizzes that require real input, rather than just a check box clicked, and human-interest stories that evoke a “me too” response are a great place to start.

Hack #3: Build A Community

Build a Facebook Group.

  • Not everyone is willing to invest the time and energy into starting, curating and nurturing a community within a Facebook Group. But if you’re willing to put some muscle into it, you’ll see rewards. Be sure to pick a topic around which you can ensure you provide real value, new insights, and meaningful prompts to get everyone to participate. The payoff is real loyalty from dedicated, passionate individuals.

Hack #4: Paid Social

Put some money down for Paid Social.

  • It’s true. Paid social isn’t going to be hit by this change to the Facebook algorithm, so if you want to ensure your best chance of getting in front of your ideal audience, it’s worth investing in some advertising. The silver lining is you get to take advantage of how well you know who your audience is, and target your paid efforts specifically to them.

Hack #5: Quality Influencers

Pick your Influencers wisely.

  • Not every kind of influence is the best kind of influence. Celebrities Public Pages are going to have the same potential challenges as Business Pages. You want to find the influencers who really care about their fans, just like regular people who care about their friends and family. These are the folks who are going to continue to be trusted, listened to and spoken to. Remember, a 1000 one-word comment and hearts aren’t nearly as impactful as a few long-winded, but powerful paragraphs of feedback to someone’s post about their cooking fiasco, or your newest tech invention.

Let us know if you’ve come up with a hack of your own, or if you want to chat!