5 Tools To Help Uplevel Your Video Marketing Game

Remember the good ol’ days when video was thought to be the future of marketing? Think back—It was a simpler time filled with children laughing and real news—and it feels like a lifetime ago. Nowadays, video isn’t even considered to be the present of marketing. No, it’s the yesterday, the last week, the yesteryear of marketing, and if your brand hasn’t invested in it, I have to wonder what the heck you’re doing!

The internet isn’t getting any quieter, and in the wake of Facebook algorithm changes and Twitter character limit updates, brands have to find ways to stand out and connect with their audiences. It’s true that the future of marketing might not rest squarely on the shoulders of video, but it is still a crucial facet to many a marketing program—especially if you’re going live.

The internet isn’t getting any quieter, and in the wake of Facebook algorithm changes and Twitter character limit updates, brands have to find ways to stand out. Click To Tweet


Adopting a new platform can be intimidating; you want to produce content, but you don’t know where to start. You think, Can I do this? Do I have the resources? Can I create quality content without a professional set up? And I’m here to tell you, YES. We live in an exceedingly digital world—we carry around tiny computers in our pockets for crying out loud! The technology is ready and willing. The question is, are you?

We live in an exceedingly digital world—the technology to create video is ready and willing. The question is, are you? Click To Tweet

To make your entree into the world of video a bit smoother, I’ve rounded up the tools that you’ll want to have on your video production shopping list.

  1. Smartphones

    Remember those tiny computers we were talking about a minute ago? Well, those handy little devices also happen to double cameras—and they are all you really need to start your video journey. I mean, have you seen portrait mode? If my iPhone can make me look like a professional photographer, your smartphone can certainly put you on the path to video production success.

  2. Natural light

    If you don’t have a fancy production setup, natural lighting is your best friend. All you need to get started are some large windows and the perfect overcast day (bright sunlight = hard shadows). Just don’t plan on filming for too long—the sun is an impatient mistress.

  3. Tripod

    I’ll be honest, I owned expensive lighting and sound equipment before I owned a tripod. What’s wrong with a table? I thought. That stack of books looks sturdy enough. Then I met this little guy who, unlike his large and clunky cousins, is adaptable, portable, and all-together perfect. If you’re looking for something even more versatile, check out this professional smartphone rig. It can be used on it’s own or in conjunction with a tripod, and has the ability to hold mics, lights, and batteries—It’s basically the Swiss Army Knife of camera mounts.

  4. Microphones

    Nothing kills a good video like bad sound, and nothing improves sound quality like a good microphone. Th

  5. e kind of mic you’ll want to invest in will depend on your particular needs. In many cases, a good quality directional mic is all you’ll need. But if you’re filming outside on a windy day or inside during some kind of event, a lavaliere mic is an absolute must-have. Thankfully you no longer have to invest in fancy wireless setups that cost hundreds of dollars, only to end up breaking on their third outing (can you tell I’m speaking from personal and infuriating experience?). Save your money and purchase one of these bad boys They’re inexpensive and effective. What more could you want?
  6. Studio Lighting

    Okay, I know I said you didn’t need professional lighting to create great video, and it’s true—you don’t need it. But I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t nice to have! In my opinion, an ideal setup consists of a ring light or diffused mounted light at the center, with one soft box at either side, but your kit can be as minimal or extensive as you like. At the end of the day, the addition of any one of these tools is going to boost your video quality in a big way.

That’s not so bad is it? A tripod, a mic, and a few lights? These are small investments that, when combined with the right team, can lead to big video marketing success.

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