The Next Big Thing in Influencer Marketing: CGI Influencers

Miquela in her video for “Speak Up.” Miquela/ YouTube

At Social Tribe, influencer marketing is our bread and butter. I think we speak for most marketers when we say that it can be highly effective for a brand when done right.

But, what will influencer marketing look like in a post-pandemic world? Planning for 2021 will require immense flexibility and a willingness to experiment and adapt quickly as necessary.

But, just how far is your brand willing to go when it comes to experimentation?

Cue computer-generated imagery (CGI) influencers

CGI influencers aren’t human. They are avatars generated by computers and are revolutionizing influencer marketing. Many believe they are the next big thing in the world of influencer marketing, and although they may not be the right fit for your brand right now, they are definitely worth keeping an eye on for the future.

Currently, these influencers are primarily working in fashion, travel, and lifestyle. However, it is important for brands both in the B2C and B2B space to stay ahead of this trend and strongly consider it as it gains traction.

Working with CGI influencers

Brands can choose whether to work with an existing CGI influencer with an established following or create their own. Creating your own CGI influencer provides complete ownership and total control over the virtual influencer’s story arc, personality, brand affinity, vocation, and actions. It gives your brand the opportunity to run an extended, far-reaching marketing campaign while increasing consumer engagement with your brand through curated, entertaining content that resonates with the demographic of your choosing. Plus, it’s essentially free since there are no associated influencer rate fees.

What do they look like?

Now, let’s look at a few of our favorite CGI influencers for some inspiration!

1. @lilmiquela, a change-seeking robot with a keen eye for fashion, was created in 2016 and now has 2.9 million followers.

Image via Instagram


2. The GEICO Gecko living his best life.

Image via Instagram


3. Ruby is an economics expert and student who is a virtual mascot for INOMICS, an online platform hosting education and career opportunities.

Image via Instagram

4. One of the largest retail companies in Brazil, Magalu, uses Lu do Magalu to promote their e-commerce platforms.

Image via Instagram


5. Here you can see the world’s first “bee” influencer, created by the @fondationdefrance to save the bees.

Image via Instagram


6. Oh yes, the Totino’s pizza roll has its own Instagram and it’s everything you ever wanted from a pizza roll.

Image via Instagram


7. Did you know that KFCs latest “young Colonel Sanders” is actually a CGI influencer?

Image via Instagram


CGI influencers are just scratching the surface and could really make an impact on your next campaign. Be sure to contact us if you’d like to learn how we could utilize them to help your company stand out from the crowd and nurture relationships.