Recapping Our First Social Impact Day

Last Friday, the Social Tribe team participated in our first-ever Social Impact Day. It presented a great opportunity for us to make an impact in our communities near and far – contributing to causes that resonated with us – while also taking time to reflect on the importance of Juneteenth. The team spent some time last week and early this week thinking about the places we chose and what we learned. While we all didn’t get to work with our first options, it’s clear the day served as an inspiration. Here’s a bit more about our experience:

Why we chose where to make an impact

From writing cards for kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to participating in a 21-Day Equity Challenge and everything in between, our team aimed to use this Social Impact Day to truly make a difference.

Social Impact Day St. Jude's

Erin McClure, Account Strategist

I first heard about Immigrant Justice in Idaho at a local nonprofit event I attended. Given how isolated Idaho is as a state (Pacific northwest, surrounded by mountains, landlocked, etc.), I had no idea how many people arrive in America via Idaho also did not know that defendants who are required to appear in immigration court are not eligible for a state-appointed lawyer like American defendants in state and federal court. In most cases, the defendant appearing in court is forced to represent him or herself — even infants are not granted representation. Frequently language barriers create an additional challenge for defendants. Even though I don’t have a legal background, Immigrant Justice in Idaho has expressed a need for writers and storytellers to assist them in transcribing and publicizing the stories of their clients, volunteer lawyers, staff, and organized efforts.  Since I have seen firsthand the power of storytelling in breaking down barriers and softening hearts towards causes, I wanted to help Immigrant Justice in Idaho tell their stories.

Robert Lisiecki, Sr. Marketing Manager

I’ve historically been more people-focused in my volunteering: reading to kids, making and delivering care packages, handing out food to the homeless, etc. The opportunity with ZSL Instant Wild to play a role in conservation allows me to step into a new space and expand my worldview a bit. There’s a lot of focus on sustainability right now. Within that is the need to preserve and save endangered species who are losing their environments or being targeted. I’m excited to play a role in helping with these efforts and to learn more about different animals in the world.


Social Impact Day: Amnesty International

What we learned

For instance, California slender salamanders will detach their tails to escape from predators.

Some of our team members’ handwriting is borderline illegible.   

St. Jude has 78 inpatient beds.

We learned surveillance can be both helpful (helping monitor and save endangered wildlife species) or harmful (when disproportionately used to monitor Black and Brown Communities). 

We learned that some people are really missing a human connection – and while virtual doesn’t cut it for everyone, a letter can go a long way. 

We learned that every small contribution helps, whether virtual or in person, and that volunteering is a vital form of self-care that we need more of. 

Most importantly, we learned that we really enjoyed our first Social Impact Day and can’t wait to keep making an impact throughout the year and come back even stronger at the start of next year. Where are your favorite places to help? We’d love to hear.