Quarterly Trends Report: Summer 2021

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The world of social media never stops! Our team of social experts has done the research to gather some exciting and important updates to help you keep track of everything new across the digital landscape. Find the full report below, and check out our top picks here:

Followers Aren’t Everything

In Influencer Marketing, follower count isn’t the only way to vet and discover new thought leaders. Thinking about the value that an influencer brings across the digital landscape (ex. Content creation, podcasts, blogs, etc.) is just as important to your search. 

The pool of influencers in the B2B space isn’t a big one, and often, influencers are engaged in multiple brand activations at a time. If brands are solely focused on an influencer’s follower count on social, this can lead to long-term problems.

Engagement is key – no matter how many followers an influencer has. Someone with a smaller yet super-engaged following can add more value for a brand than one with hundreds of thousands of followers. Micro influencers are also more likely to accommodate smaller budgets while offering access to very targeted audiences. 

Fun fact: micro-influencers really do have higher engagement rates than macro-influencers! On average, influencers with 3k – 5k followers generate 5% engagement rates while influencers with over 100k followers generate around 2% engagement rates. This is great news for brands on a budget.

(Purpose-Driven) Content is King

After facing a global pandemic, companies are focused on communicating their brand’s purpose in why they exist and who they serve, regardless of what they sell. Marketers can bring purpose to life for these companies by owning the brand’s purpose and allowing it to direct content strategy and materials.

79% of surveyed global consumers recall instances of brands responding positively to COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, Pride, or other important and timely social issues. 

Content that aligns these events with the organization’s role in an authentic way is powerful enough to change people’s buying behavior, possibly in favor of the company. When an organization’s connection to a cause it’s supporting is unclear, the content is seen as disingenuous or opportunistic. Purpose-themed content is most effective when it reinforces the organization’s purpose and its ability to make a positive impact.

Instagram is Getting a Makeover

Instagram recently shared that it no longer wants to be known as the “square photo-sharing app.” Instead, it looks like they’re ready to move into more immersive video content. We’re already seeing this shift with the rise of Reels, and a greater emphasis on IGTV and Instagram Stories.

This TikTok-inspired trend is here to stay, too. Cisco Systems projects video will comprise 82 percent of consumer internet traffic in the U.S. in just a few years.

For now, we know that Instagram plans to function as more of an “entertainment app” that’s driven by algorithms that favor video content. They’re also looking to create an immersive full-screen experience – hello TV-style advertising! 

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