Predicting the Future With Our Favorite Industry Experts

Reflecting on what we’ve learned in 2016 is one of the best opportunities to forecast the key trends that will shape the digital marketing landscape in 2017. We’ve tapped some of the smartest folks we know in the industry to share their predictions for what social media and influencer relations will look like and how they will shape marketing practices in the year to come.

“In 2017 you’ll see brands with fully integrated social, influencer, and content making a much bigger and more strategic impact. The omnichannel experience will win over siloes and give brands a truly competitive edge.” Megan Conley, CEO & Founder, Social Tribe @megconley

“Live Video will continue to evolve and be a huge focus for personal and professional use.” Erin McGee, Social Media Manager, SAP @erinmcgee20

“Loyal tribes will form around brands that take a stand on issues. More brands will engage customers in advocacy campaigns around social harmony, healing and justice. REI’s #optOutside and JetBlue’s Reach Across The Aisle campaigns are examples to watch from 2016.” Stacey DePolo, Social Advocacy Manager, GoDaddy @sdepolo

“There are going to be significant shifts around influencer marketing program execution and the role of technology: We will see a move from a campaign based mentality to “always-on” programs that are focused on building deeper and more meaningful influencer relationships. This will lead to a shift from technology platforms that own influencer relationships, to those that enable brands to build and scale their own networks.” Kirk Crenshaw, CMO, Traackr @kirkcren

“Video content being used more in B2C and B2B marketing. But the medium is not the message. In addition to story, pay attention to video length, lighting and audio so your message doesn’t get lost in shadows and background noise.” Rachael Royds, Director of Social Media, Genesys @RachaelRoyds

As brands continue to want to connect with their customers in intimate, relevant and meaningful ways, Facebook will deliver enhancements in Messenger communications, new paid placement options (think beyond the News Feed and Audience Network) and more accurate measurement and reporting. 2017 will be all about attribution, key performance indicators and business value.” Kristen Sussman, President & Founder, Social Distillery @SocialDistiller

“There is almost too much noise in the marketplace, and customers are looking for an authentic, real human voice to listen to. Learning how to identify who the true industry influencers are while figuring out how to engage them will be one of the biggest challenges of 2017. Employee advocates are the other untapped voice in the marketplace. Empowering employees to share what inspires them about their work is a strong message that we are only just beginning to see the positive effects of.  It’s going to be the year where just 1 trusted person can make a very big difference in telling a more complete story behind your brand.” Sylvia Santelli, Social Media Strategist, SAP @SylviaSant

“Mobile will continue to be key in designing social strategies and great content will continue to be incredibly important. However, the type of content will shift – brands will focus more on video. With Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and SnapChat, the ability to create engaging video content will separate the brands that succeed on social and the brands that lag behind. Video collaborations with influencers will be more prevalent and more budget will be invested in influencer marketing. Lastly, LinkedIn is going to become more of a key player for brands this year. With the updates to the LinkedIn Company Pages and advertising products, as well as the launch of employee amplification platforms like Elevate, (not to mention the Microsoft bit), LinkedIn is positioning themselves to do great things in 2017.” Kira Swain, Communications and Social Media Marketing Manager at Ten-X @kirainsf


Trends like video, an omnichannel approach, employee advocacy, and prioritizing influencer relationships are things we can expect to see making an impact in your marketing organizations in 2017.

What is your prediction for 2017? Share it with us in the comments section or on social media @socltribe.