The Power of Social Media to Transform the Customer Journey

Social media isn’t going to change the customer experience; it already has. Gone are the days when social was simply a platform to stay connected with friends — it’s fundamentally transforming the way that people interact in every facet of their lives. Digital transformation is accelerating the speed of disruption faster than ever before. Now is the time to use it to your advantage and create an amazing customer experience.

That being said, delivering a great customer experience doesn’t happen by accident – the challenge is real. The world your customers are living in is already hyper-connected, and businesses that aren’t focused on a customer-first approach are scrambling to catch up. Not only are they tasked with ensuring they have a true understanding of their customer wants and needs, they need to figure out how to design processes and implement technologies that will help them deliver the experience their customers already expect.

At the leadership level, most businesses believe they’re delivering on that customer experience, however from the customer perspective brands are still missing the mark.

The data speaks for itself; there’s a huge disconnect between businesses and their customers. Which begs the question – why? Part of this is due to the rapidly pace of change, businesses are struggling to keep up – much less get ahead – of digital transformation. However, even for brands that are committed to taking a custom-first approach are struggling to figure out how to integrate complex marketing organizations, desperate processes and sophisticated technology tools to help them.

Well, get comfortable folks – we’re just getting started. In the next series of posts I’m going to break down and explore the many facets of customer experience and how social, content and influencer strategies can help enterprise brands become the hero of customer experience. Stay tuned!