Create a True Omnichannel Experience for your Enterprise

Are you a marketer for an enterprise company? Are you looking for a more streamlined way to increase your brand credibility, share of voice, and revenue generation? You’re in the right place. Let’s talk about omnichannel marketing.

The term omnichannel is one that calls upon marketers, especially those at the enterprise level, to provide a seamless experience no matter the channel or device. It means viewing the experience through the eyes of your customer and understanding that their journey may begin on one channel and move to another as they progress to a resolution. On a big picture level, omnichannel marketing is a mindset shift for businesses, forcing them to reorient their perspective to an absolute focus on the customer experience.

This change in perspective presents a unique challenge to marketers—once again we find ourselves in the Wild West with no tried and true formula for success. As social, content, and influencer strategies become bigger pieces of the enterprise marketing puzzle; the way we approach and converge these three areas of digital marketing has to evolve.

The Omnichannel Trifecta: Social + Content + Influencer

So what does an omnichannel experience look like in the context of social, content and influencer marketing programs? And how should you tweak and refine your approach? Let’s dive in.

Put Your Ear to the Grindstone

Businesses and marketers alike can sometimes forget that, at its core, social is…well, social. It’s a means of communication and connection—one that has the power to transform the traditional business-customer relationship into an advantageous and symbiotic one. No one wants to follow a business Twitter account that only exists to inundate him or her with ads. So before pitching your audience on your next innovative product or campaign, tune in. Believe me when I tell you that social listening is GOLD. Once you’ve got a grip on what’s top of mind to your customers, start building a rapport and getting to know them.

Let’s pause here for a second to note that this is also a space where influencers come into play (remember – integration is the name of the game). Social listening gives you quality data on what’s hot and relevant NOW. This is an ideal time to start identifying the influencers who are driving those conversations and get them on your radar.

Turn Social Insights into Content Action

Naturally, after all that engagement and social listening, you and your customer base are now connected on a deeper level—they’ve gotten to know you, you’ve gotten to know them—and all that communication has prepped your business for some seriously targeted marketing. You have everything you need to tune your content strategy with precision.

Let’s say your customers are comparing the value of your product or service with a competitor. Don’t ignore it—use it! Create a killer piece of content that addresses (and ideally solves) the issues head on. Don’t stop there – take it a few steps further. Identify an influencer that you can engage and collaborate with and integrate their perspective into the content. This drives several outcomes: 1) Influencer-brand association to build credibility, 2) deeper influencer relationships, and 3) cross promotion for broader visibility.

Next, think through where you want this content to be consumed and which content formats will best deliver that information for consumption. Don’t just write a blog – develop a shareable graphic that features a quote from your content collaborator (great for Twitter), host a short, live video segment sharing a few highlights (Facebook), or convert the key takeaways into a Slideshare deck that can be hosted on LinkedIn. There are tremendous opportunities to get more mileage out of your content – just make sure your messaging is aligned and consistent across all touch points. Remember: the modern customer may start their journey on one channel and end on another.

There’s no one-size-fits-all marketing solution—that’s why the omnichannel approach is so valuable. So walk a day in your customers’ shoes – better yet, walk every day in your customers’ shoes. Anticipate, listen, and plan. Your fine-tuned strategy lies at the intersection of social, content and influencer.