More Than Rainbows: Drive Change This Pride Month

Pride Month 2021

Pride 2021, the annual commemoration of the Stonewall Riots, is upon us. And while the pandemic will impact it with some celebrations moved, canceled, or blended, brands can still make a positive impact through social media by connecting with the conversation. According to Twitter, one in five tweets about Pride Month mention a brand. With that, your brand has an opportunity to amplify the message by connecting with the conversation. 

More than just rainbowized products and pictures, centering on your work in the community your celebrating goes a long way. We recommend clients look at how they can use their platform to bring actional, tangible change to the cause.  Your customers are watching and will see through hollow gestures. Eighty-two percent of people on Twitter say brands should use their position to affect positive change in society. Take OREO’s #ProudParent campaign, for instance. They honed in on the need for acceptance and love in every family, and drove a 3,000% increase in brand mentions. 

Here are some more useful insights about Pride Month from Twitter:

  • Pride is intersectional – movements like #TransLivesMatter, #StopAAPIHate, and #BlackLivesMatter all impact the LGBTQ+ community. Twitter has seen a 132% growth in the conversation around #RepresentMe and a 61% growth in the conversation around identity.
  • Seventy-nine percent of people say brands have a real opportunity to make change happen through purpose campaigns.
  • Year over year, there has been over a 40% increase in tweet volume, impressions, and engagement around Pride. 
  • The first day of Pride Month drives the most conversation. 
  • While mentions peak this month, topics are tweeted about year-round. Topics like #LoveIsLove, #LoveWins, and #NationalComingOutDay see surges at different times in the year.

Here are a few questions you can ask to determine what role your brand can play:

  • Are any of these topics/themes relevant and ownable to your brand in any way? How?
  • Which key initiatives do you have in the next six months that would be relevant to these conversations?
  • Which communities are you most intent on reaching through your upcoming initiatives? 
  • Are you developing any new messaging, content, or assets that you’re currently developing to support these initiatives? 

How will your brand continue the conversation? You can help through donations, education, community spotlights, and more. Can’t do everything? Focus on how you can use your platform to help the community within your industry. Let’s work together to make positive change.