#ModelTheWay: Relationships First


In our first #ModelTheWay post, our founder, Megan Conley, discussed how important culture is in maintaining relationships and relating to our coworkers in the very virtual world. We are unified under the shared belief that our core beliefs are meaningful and matter.

Below, you’ll find an array of individuals that inspire us—but more specifically, individuals that exude our core values. Corresponding to each person identified below is a quote from a member of our tribe, explaining why exactly that person inspires them, and how it relates back to our core values. This month, we delve into “Relationships First.”


I am continuously inspired by the lessons provided by Dale Carnegie, author of How to Win Friends and Influence People. “Relationships first” is my mantra, and truly- if I were to pick one of ST’s core values to live by for the rest of my life, this would be it! What deeply impresses me is Carnegie’s research-based methodology for gleaning relationship building lessons from real-life examples and historical figures. He took care to ensure the insights he presented were not merely his personal opinions; rather he explored the finer nuances of what’s truly worked for humans over the course of time. This book has inspired generations of business leaders to understand that real, good business is not just about numbers- it’s about people. Listen, appreciate, limit criticism, admit wrong, show respect… these are words for us all to live by!” – Tatiana Natzke, VP, Client Services, Social Tribe



Most recently I am inspired by Amanda Kloots (@amandakloots) who just lost her husband Nick Cordero to Covid-19. I came across Amanda when news of her husband’s battle with the disease started circulating in my feed due to common friends in the music business. Nick was a Broadway star and most recently moved to LA to be in Rock of Ages, a local live show. I started following Amanda on Instagram for updates on her husband’s condition but quickly became inspired by her positivity, energy and ability to always see the bright side. She had a community of performers inspired to sing on Nick’s behalf and brighten everyone’s day by sharing their posts in her stories. She continued to promote both mental and physical health and well being, even while going through one of the most difficult times in her life. And even more inspiring was how she stayed strong and confident for her child. I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to be a new Mom and watch your husband fight for his life while learning to take care of the beautiful life you made together. As a Mother myself, I was in awe of her strength, determination and motivation. Since Nick’s passing, I have continued to be inspired by Amanda. She recently did a “10 days of happy” campaign and encouraged everyone to share what makes them happy, finding happiness even in the smallest things or during the hardest times. She also launched a new brand called “Hooray For” where she celebrates moments in life with positive messaging. Her message and story will remain inspiring and important as we continue to battle this pandemic and make sure we find peace and happiness along the way.” – Sherry Citron, Group Account Coordinator, Social Tribe


I am inspired by Brooklyn-based botanical babe Christoped Griffin aka the one and only “plant kween.” Griffin is a Black, queer, non-binary femme activist who began sharing photos of their plants on social media a few years back. But what began as a hobby has grown into an incredible platform where the kween uses their journey with their 160 “green girls” as a means of connection to build community through plants. People flock to their page, not just for horticulture tips, but for comradery and revolution. Because in a world where Black queer joy is an act of resistance, they’re making a difference every day by being unabashedly themselves—all while creating an incredible space for vulnerability and visibility of folx who’ve gone unrepresented for too long.” – Juliet O’Connor,  Account Coordinator, Social Tribe



At Social Tribe, we aspire to live our values out in the world through our work and our communities. Who inspires you with their relationships first approach?