#ModelTheWay: Bringing Our Values To Life


I often get asked about how we build culture in a company that operates completely remotely – a question many more leaders and organizations are asking themselves today.  At Social Tribe, we’re lucky to see each other once a year— and that is usually at our annual company retreat. This year, like many other companies, even that will now become a virtual experience. In person human interaction has always been fundamental to how we connect and collaborate, without it how do we relate to one another? Culture is the key.

The one constant that keeps us together—most especially since we are far apart— is our core values; they see the world and are the lens through which we determine how we make decisions, they hold us accountable in what we say and how we behave. Social Tribe is far more than just a place to work—it’s a community tied together by strong core values, and even stronger individuals. 

Below, you’ll find an array of individuals that inspire us—but more specifically, individuals that exude our core values. Corresponding to each person identified below is a quote from a member of our tribe, explaining why exactly that person inspires them, and how it relates back to our core values. This month, first up is “Leadership by Example.”



“I am inspired by Beyonce. Not only has she achieved incredible levels of success as a creative performer, she leads by example, using her music and platform  to create a space  where she can share her personal experiences and reflecting back her observations experiences as a black woman   in society. She was the first black woman ever to headline at Coachella, and her documentary – Homecoming is a brilliant example of how she brought together her business, talent, resources and influence to elevate beauty of black culture. To me, she is an example of how a leader not only gives voice to their values, but models them through their actions.”-Megan Conley, CEO, Social Tribe



“I am inspired by Marsha P. Johnson. Marsha, who is known as the “Rosa Parks of the LGBT movement”, paved the way for the LGBT community and gave them a voice to fight for their rights. She was black, queer, and trans and fought fearlessly for the rights of the LGBTQ community. She is legendary for her act in igniting the Stonewall Riots in the 1960s gay rights movement in the US. She exemplifies leadership and modeling the way. Due to her efforts as a catalyst in the gay rights movement, people of the LGBTQ community have the courage to be themselves and never back down from fighting for their rights. “Nic Michael, Account Coordinator, Social Tribe




“I am inspired by Jameela Jamil, a British actress and activist who uses her platform to advocate for gender and racial equality, among so many other important causes. In following her activism, I’ve learned a lot about acceptance of myself and others, and really love the way she uses social media to amplify minority voices. It’s amazing to see a fellow South Asian woman engage with the issues that I hold near and dear. She leads by example through her community platform, I Weigh, which is dedicated to inclusivity and tolerance on all levels, especially online and in the media. Together with her other work, this platform really models the way for everyone to become accepting of others! Thanks to her activism, I think a lot of people are more educated on what’s happening within and outside of their communities, and are inspired to take action as a result…I know I am!”-Simran Jessell, Account Coordinator, Social Tribe



“I am inspired by Lizzo and the movement that has come from her just, showing up as herself in the best way possible. Women need Lizzo. For such a long time, women in music looked a specific way, and that was the only way. We were also taught to believe that you can love yourself, but not TOO much because that is arrogant / cocky etc. Self esteem is something we can all practice more and She continues to shift the narrative by allowing women to believe they are beautiful and make no apologies for it. She models the way through leadership by example. She walks the walk.”-Lauren Darrah, Manager of Business and Sales, Social Tribe





At Social Tribe, our values are not simply words on a page, we aspire to live them out in the world we do and connect them to the communities and world in which we live.