Meet Your Tribe: Kavya

Here at Social Tribe, we believe in the importance of building lasting relationships – whether it’s within our team or with our clients. That’s why we’ve carefully cultivated our amazing team to be filled with people who share our core values and are ready to be your social engagement partners. In this series, we’ll share a little bit about our team’s passions and work to give you a glimpse into the people you’ll be working with. It’s time to #MeetYourTribe.

Hi, I am Kavya…

I am so excited to be a part of the Social Tribe team as an Influencer Marketing Strategist!

From day one of joining the team, it has been apparent to me that Social Tribe is made up of an invigorating group of talented and driven individuals that bring their best every day. It truly shows in their work style and project outcomes.

I am responsible for developing and managing forward-thinking influencer marketing strategies for clients in the B2B and B2C space. It might be surprising to some, but I did not start in the marketing field. In fact, my career started in supply chain but I decided to take my professional journey in a whole new direction after falling in love with marketing – specifically influencer marketing! I believe whole-heartedly that you must love what you do, and that is why I am here today!

Some fun facts about me: I am certified in the art of Indian classical dance and actively performed for 10 years, I love spicy food (the hotter the better), and in my free time I love creating content in the fashion and beauty space and have partnered with notable brands such as Puma, Walmart, and Neutrogena in the last four years!

From a creative outlet to an innovative problem solver

Being a content creator, and working with some of my favorite brands, has helped me make the leap professionally into managing influencer marketing strategy at agencies. The skills I have learned working with consumer-facing brands have been helpful in my work at ST by allowing me to provide insight into my experiences from an agency perspective as well as from the creator’s point of view.

Running a mostly one-woman show in content creation has also allowed me to be scrappy and find innovative solutions when challenges arise. This skill set has come in handy when solving unique problems and thinking outside of the box.

Human connections

At the end of the day, creating meaningful human connections is so important. I have executed my best campaigns with brands that have maintained open communication, trusted my expertise in the industry, and kept an open mind when ideating on concepts. I have kept the same mindset when working with clients and influencers. Maintaining a strong working relationship that builds their trust with an open line of communication is a must. When I look for the perfect brand partners for Social Tribe clients, one of the most important factors is gauging an influencer’s ability to create a connection with their audience and genuinely drive engagement. When I find this quality in an influencer, it is a positive sign that the campaign will be successful. I’m looking forward to finding these influencers for you and bringing authentic engagement to your audience.