Meet Your Tribe: Erin

Here at Social Tribe, we believe in the importance of building lasting relationships – whether it’s within our team or with our clients. That’s why we’ve carefully cultivated our amazing team to be filled with people who share our core values and are ready to be your social engagement partners. In this series, we’ll share a little bit about our team’s passions and work to give you a glimpse into the people you’ll be working with. It’s time to #MeetYourTribe.

Hello! My Name is Erin…

I live in Boise, Idaho with my husband Chris, two kids (Dorothy, 9 and Jack, 5), two dogs (Hamilton and Jonas), and two guinea pigs (Sprinkles and Fleabag). My background is an amalgamation of agency, entrepreneurial, and corporate experience doing everything from paid social to event promotion to original content creation with social media. I enthusiastically accepted an offer from Social Tribe to join the team as an Account Strategist. 

It was just a couple of years ago when I heard about Social Tribe for the first time. I was working as a social media consultant for a global B2B tech company then and was listening to a digital marketing podcast (more on those later) en route to the corporate office. After a few minutes of hearing what Megan Conley and her team could do for clients, I promptly convinced my then boss to hire Social Tribe as an agency partner. I went on to work with other companies and consult for other projects, but I stayed in touch with Social Tribe. I did and still do consider them to be the best in the biz when it comes to social media, influencer, and content marketing for global brands.  

Early Obsessions

Every year, I look forward to the celebrity spectacle that is awards season. For over 20 years now, the Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmys, and more have been priority viewing for me. I used to park myself in front of the television with a legal pad and pen to keep a running list of the award winners for each category. At some point I started tracking commercials too, noting the brand name being advertised, what the product name was, the actual product being advertised, and the consumer “need” or desire that product met. Besides an early propensity for structure (and maybe a tiny bit of OCD), this notetaking sprouted my appreciation for the nuanced art of marketing.  

C’est la Vie

Fully intending to study advertising or marketing, I attended the University of Georgia in Athens for its journalism school. Unfortunately, the timing was not ideal so I instead fell back on my minor and graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts in French. Bien sur! 

Shortly after graduation, I accepted a teaching position in Columbus, GA. Six years later, married with a one-year-old daughter, I had almost resigned myself to a life of teaching angst-ridden tweens with metal-riddled mouths to roll their French ‘R’s when we decided instead to move across the country to Boise, Idaho. 

Small Potatoes, Small Business

My family’s move to the Pacific Northwest was a reset button for my career. I worked for a couple of years as a receptionist for the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce and helped them start a blog. I was hired to write feature articles for an economic nonprofit organization and then became an independent contributor for the local public radio affiliate station. Hoping to spin off into a freelance writing career, I started my own company and pulled in clients from whom I wrote content, built small websites, and managed social media. Then more people asked me to do social media. And more. 

Frustrated with the fact that I was getting more social media work than writing contracts, I was oblivious to the fact that my initial dream to become a marketer was actually materializing. Social media for business was still relatively new (in Idaho anyway), and I had never heard the term digital marketing. But I didn’t want to lose the clients I was gaining, so I dug into online courses, research, and podcasts to learn anything I could about social media for businesses. I was hooked. I learned about everything from social storytelling formats, to the intricacies of Facebook ads, to the ins and outs of growing an audience, and much, much more. With social media, I rediscovered my passion for marketing and simultaneously carved out a professional niche for myself. 

Podcasts Feed Passion

An avid lover of “deep dives,”  documentaries and podcasts are often my entertainment medium of choice. I love the long-form content opportunities podcasts provide so I can really go on a topical deep dive with the subjects. 

Digital marketing podcasts are the perfect amalgamation of two of my favorite things: marketing and multi-tasking. Because I’m deeply interested (and invested, obviously) in the subject matter, I listen to several podcast episodes per week. The multi-tasking varies: sometimes I’m cleaning my house or reorganizing my basement. Other times I’m driving or weeding my garden. When I’m searching for inspiration or trying to form an idea, I like to hike with a podcast. The foothill trails behind our house make this convenient and I’ve had many lightbulb moments while listening to Mark Schaefer, Jay Baer, Jess Jensen, or Molly Pittman. 

Finding My Tribe

Imagine my delight when I was offered the opportunity to work with a group of like-minded people—a Tribe of digital marketing fanatics who are equally fascinating with the ever-evolving dynamics of this challenging field. At Social Tribe, there is always someone I can bounce ideas off, ask questions, and be inspired by. I’m looking forward to many more lightbulb moments together with my Tribe-mates. 

If you had told me a couple of years ago that I would get to be a member of the Social Tribe team today, I would have had my doubts. I considered the members of Social Tribe (and still do, by the way) to be titans of the digital marketing industry. What would I need to do between now and then to be considered worthy enough to join their ranks? 

Turns out, just two things: be my authentic self and work pretty darn hard. I’m not just a lifelong marketing enthusiast, I’m also passionate about connecting people and tapping into human emotions. Connecting brands with customers in a way that matters and is honest. Diving into a project headfirst, being unafraid to roll my sleeves up and grind out the necessary work to truly complete a project with excellence. Establishing and nurturing client relationships for years not out of obligation but because they’re meaningful. 

At Social Tribe, I get to do these things because Social Tribe IS these things. I’m home. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go set my DVR for the SAG Awards.