Keep the Conversation Going After Your Event Ends with Social Listening

Social listening can help your event strategy

Gone are the days of events teams sitting around in a room deciding what they want to say, what products they want to feature, or what they want to sell. This type of old-school marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore. For brands to truly resonate before, during, and after any event, it’s time to stop talking and start listening.

There’s a pressing need for businesses to get closer to their customers right now, and what better way to do that than at an event? While many brands know they need to make changes, they don’t know where to start. This is where data comes in. It’s every brand’s north star in guiding messaging strategies for events. The more targeted the data, the less time wasted on creating content that simply won’t resonate. Think of all the resources that can be saved with this approach!

Get the audience insights you need to drive post-event strategy.

Context is King

We’ve heard it before: content is king. Why? Because it helps you cut through the noise by being relevant. Everyone wants to drive event attendance, which means that just about everyone has something to say! This is where context marketing becomes critical.

So how can brands listen before they speak? Enter social listening: the tool that does the heavy lifting for you (so that you can focus on creating high quality, on-trend and event-focused content that’s constantly dialed into your audience). Here’s exactly how we use social listening to augment your brand’s content strategy before, during, or after the event:

  • Identify your current audience with actionable insights on how to reach them
  • Deep dive into conversations happening about your brand and determine share of voice
  • Identify the top brands and influencers that your audience is already dialed into
  • Analyze and compare your competitors to determine your industry positioning 
  • Identify the top conversations and hashtags happening after the event

These data-driven insights drive a content strategy that you can confidently know reaches the right audience and delivers an engaging message. Looking for some help in implementing social listening into your event strategy? Fill out the form below and we’ll reach out for support. Or, click here to learn more about how else we can help you maximize ROI after your event.