International Women’s Day: Looking Towards the Future


International Women’s Day has been a space to celebrate and advocate for women’s rights and equality around the world. It’s also been a day to celebrate cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements throughout history. As a women-owned and mostly women-operated company, the Social Tribe team has a lot to think about and celebrate. We also have a lot of ambitions and hope for the future.

To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, our team decided to take a step back and reflect on where we are and where we want to be – so we can work towards building a better path for all women moving forward. Here’s what we’d like to see: 

Increased opportunities and focus on output

Our company leads by example through strong female leadership and providing ample opportunity for growth. In society, we’d like to see the continued equalization of males and females in the workforce (e.g. equal pay, equal respect, and equal opportunities in the workplace). Our team also appreciates that Social Tribe does not pressure women to wear makeup for work or to dress a certain way. This allows us all to focus on the quality of work and not our looks, which is not the case in all businesses. We would like to see this change.

More meaningful conversations

This year’s theme is ‘Choose to Challenge,’ which encourages everyone to do their part to speak out against gender inequality and biases. Some of our team members are especially passionate about intersectional feminism and think this year’s theme gives us the opportunity to spark meaningful conversations that will hopefully lead to change and understanding. The IWD team says it best, “From challenge comes change, so let’s all choose to challenge.”

Pushing through the plateau

Society has made good—not great—progress in terms of where we need to be in regards to gender inequality. We want to continue to fight for more and refuse to let the movement plateau so that one day in our lifetime all individuals will truly be born equal.

Less workforce bias and more empowerment

We’d like to see women taken more seriously across the workforce. To achieve this, people need to work on the unconscious bias they have towards women in leadership roles or roles of expertise/authority. We want women to feel empowered in their roles and not feel like they need to downplay their expertise or level of management because they do not want to come off as “too bossy.” The business should just be business.

Equal treatment every day

A future where we don’t need a special International Women’s Day or month because women and men are treated equally, every day.


We have seen some good progress over the years but there is still work left to be done. What kind of future will you be working towards for the next generation of women?