Helping a B2B Tech Company Reach #1 Share of Voice at a Key Virtual Event

How we helped a B2B tech company drive #1 share of voice

A B2B tech company saw the National Retail Federation Conference as the perfect opportunity to stand out from competitors and build new connections. But with the continuation of COVID 19, the conference moved from an in-person event to completely digital. They needed to quickly shift their event strategy while still meeting their goals of driving sign-ups for their sessions, expanding their Share of Voice (SoV), and encouraging targeted engagement to generate quality leads. 

They needed a strategic agency partner to help them pivot their digital strategy and cut through the noise to reach and engage virtual audiences – in just 4 weeks’ time.

Creating a fully digital event experience

We knew we had to go beyond the platforms and build a truly digital-first, personalized experience to stand out from the competition.  

We took an integrated approach to ensure their story reached CEOs, CMOs, CTO’s and Marketing and IT Professionals before, during, and after the event. Together, we created a digital event experience that took the audience on a journey through interactive creative, influencer content, and social engagement. This journey positioned them as the leader in innovation and creativity for the retail industry at NRF.

Audience insights

Breaking through the noise and driving event engagement

We turned uncharted territory and a bevy of challenges into exceeded expectations – maximizing ROI for the budget. The messaging and experience resonated with attendees. The creative strategy and high-quality content resulted in them finishing the event in the top spot for SoV. 

Key wins: 

  • Over 11 million in reach leading to #1 in SOV for #NRF2021
  • Averaged 75% higher engagement than benchmarks, including over 600,000 video views
  • “Consumer trends” poll went viral with over 17,000 votes

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