Five Tips to Drive Post-Event Engagement

Tips to drive post-event engagement


As event season comes to a close, many marketers will start shifting focus to 2022 events. If that’s where you’re at, you could be missing out on an incredible opportunity. Even though your event is over or wrapping up, the opportunity to drive leads or engagement isn’t. The top enterprise B2B companies are supercharging engagement and generating leads long after the event is over.

Just because your event is over doesn’t mean the conversation has stopped – especially given the digital landscape. If you aren’t continuing the conversation, you’re leaving opportunity on the table. You’ve worked hard to drum up a connection with your audience – don’t leave them cold now. A little more planning can keep your audience warm and deliver more outcomes for your team. 

Here are our top five tips to drive post-event engagement: 

1: Repurpose long-form content into snackable and shareable moments and extend the reach with targeted, paid ads

Leaving your event content as long-form only is a missed opportunity. Take some of your best quality audio or video footage from key event sessions and turn that into simple, snackable content like static graphics, animated soundbites, sizzle reels, and so on. By doing this, you’re giving your audience in-feed value while promoting your event – something you can’t accomplish with long-form content alone on social media. You can then push this content to your audience with hyper-targeted ads to increase engagement and maximize its potential.

2: Work with influencers to drive conversations after the event

This could be something as simple as asking key influencers what they thought about the event, what their biggest takeaway was, or which sessions they tuned into. Even if they didn’t attend – they might indicate that they’ll check it out! Take advantage of influencer reach and engagement with wider influencer activations like watch parties, influencer-only after parties, and live-tweeting/coverage.

3: Continue post-event engagement with sponsored polls focused on key learnings or announcements

Polls are truly a low-lift, high-impact engagement strategy that we’ve seen our clients succeed with time and time again. Ask your audience what they thought of sessions, topics, or announcements after your event, and lead that traffic to the event landing page to continue driving interest. 

4: Store all content on an engaging and user-friendly landing page

You need to lead your audience to a page they’ll want to stay on, especially if you’re reaching new audiences with paid ads and influencer activations! An interactive and engaging landing page with session replays, added insights, and opportunities to interact with your brand keeps event buzz and momentum going long after the actual event is over. The more interactive you can make your landing page, the longer people will want to stay on it. 

5: Use social listening to inform post-event social strategy and engage in the right conversations

Data-driven insights help you understand how your event is still being talked about on social media, the influential voices leading the conversations, and the keywords or hashtags you need to leverage to keep those conversations going for longer. 

Leveraging one or all of these tips can take your post-event activity to the level. If you would like to learn more or want help driving post-event engagement, fill out the form below to get in touch with our team of digital experts. Or, click here to learn more about our turnkey solutions for driving engagement and lead generation after your event.