Digital Transformation & The Next Generation Customer Experience

Highlights from the Sprinklr #Unenterprise Keynote

The Sprinklr Digital Transformation Summit wrapped up two days ago and we are still reeling from all of the wonderful experiences our team had while attending! This event was truly an eye-opening experience and we learned so much from the outstanding speakers and attendees.

In the the keynote speech, John Chambers of Cisco talked about the role of leadership in digital transformation, Charlene Li of Altimeter drove home the importance of customer experience, and Ragy Thomas, Founder & CEO of Sprinklr, tied it all together with social media as the common thread that brings it all together (and Sprinklr is the technology to support it). As a marketing agency that A) uses Sprinklr extensively, and B) is always looking for ways to digitally innovate and provide seamless experiences for our customers, we took all of these points to heart. We learned that in the digital world, you either disrupt or be disrupted— so get ready! We’re here to digitally disrupt and delight our customers in the process.

Below are some of our favorite highlights of the speech, as told through live Tweets via Storify. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more insights from this incredible event!