Digital Marketing in the Wake of COVID-19

Digital Marketing in the Wake of COVID

In the wake of the novel Coronavirus, we are entering an unprecedented time of digital activation. We are already seeing drastic changes in human behaviors and in social media usage. In fact, social media activity is already up 25% and that number is likely to continue rising. During this time, brands need to quickly pivot their marketing strategies to stay relevant.


From event and trade show cancellations to social media platforms being bogged down by Coronavirus conversations, brands are having to find ways to shift their focus and their budgets to strictly digital experiences. Marketers are called to a new challenge: how do we engage and connect with customers with minimal to no in-person human contact? The answer is digital. At Social Tribe, our position is – and always will be – that digital is the future.


Well, the future is now so what does this mean and how do we execute? 


IRL Is Now Digital

This is today and tomorrow’s new reality, a world where human interaction is severely limited. Every day there is an upcoming event canceled, a city shutting down restaurants, stores closing their doors, and people all around the globe forced to work from home. With these changes happening in real-time, brands are having to get creative with their entire marketing and launch strategies by shifting to digital alternatives to deliver event-like content that is easily scalable but provides a personal experience from a distance.

This is today and tomorrow’s new reality, a world where human interaction is severely limited. Click To Tweet


Here are a few ways that this can be done:


Digital Marketing in the Wake of COVID

Live streaming video

Live streaming has become a feature across almost all social media platforms. This video format allows real-time messaging and conversations between your brand or an influencer and their audience. People can tune in from anywhere around the world and still feel in on the action. Currently, we are working with our client America’s Best Racing and two Spanish speaking influencers to conduct weekly live shows where they talk about upcoming events and relevant topics within the horseracing industry. Check out one of them here.


Digital Marketing in the Wake of COVID

Split-screen interviews + panel chats

Recently, we worked with our client Intel to develop a remote event strategy with a strong line-up of B2B thought-leaders and Subject Matter Experts to cover Mobile World Congress topics virtually. We worked with industry influencer Dez Blanchfield and Intel executive Lynn Comp by having them produce a split-screen interview about 5G technology and recent Intel launches. See how this can be done in this example. 


Webinars / virtual eventsDigital Marketing in the Wake of COVID

With major events being canceled, brands are finding ways to still make their major announcements and launches by taking their events virtual while also keeping things compelling and engaging. Dell, for example, was one of the companies that had to cancel their marquee event Dell Technologies World as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Because of this cancellation, they pivoted to a virtual event where they will deliver keynotes, select breakout sessions and live chats with experts as a virtual experience. As Dell CEO, Michael Dell said, “The show must go on!”


Interactive content that tells a more integrated and compelling story

Interactive experiences can give your audience a way to be involved in an active manner without leaving their home. You can create a full-blown experience that’s fully digital with embedded video, influencer content, and interactive elements like questions and reveals that engage the user more than static content. We have extensive experience in creating interactive assets for our clients. Here is an example of an interactive asset that we created for our client SAP around the topic of plastic waste.


“Given the tools and capabilities available right now, knowledgeable agencies need to play a role in educating brands in all options for that virtual alternative.” – [Ian Zelaya- Adweek]


 There is no question that this pandemic is going to fundamentally reshape human behavior over the days, weeks, and months to come. People will turn to digital platforms to connect with friends and family, access news content, shop, exercise, read books, find recipes, the list goes on.  That being said, it’s vital that brands tap into that screen time to stay relevant and deliver powerful and impactful content. 


That being said, it’s vital that brands tap into that screen time to stay relevant and deliver powerful and impactful content. Click To Tweet


As digital marketing experts, we’re prepared to do everything we can to help you navigate these changes. We are happy to help discuss ideas, shifts, pivots–anything we need to do to keep your business healthy and positioned for growth.