Creating a Great Company Culture in the Digital World

As a member of our recruiting team, the number one question that candidates ask me is, “How do you create a great company culture as a remote agency?” We have learned so much about how to attract the best talent from this very question. Above all else, we have learned candidates care about what the company values and cares about. Finding commonality in the place we spend most of our time is important. 

With most of the world making the switch to remote work, the question isn’t just coming from candidates now. I have been asked by friends, former colleagues, former employers, and family what Social Tribe has done to create this space while they were watching their companies and employers make the transition. We have been a 100% remote agency since 2009. Here’s what our fearless leaders and team have learned along the way.


1. Learn to listen and listen to learn

Your team will tell you everything they need. You just need to listen. One of the easiest places to start when creating the company culture is to support the team through listening. At Social Tribe, we are committed to collecting feedback from our team every chance we get. This feedback is harvested and inspires the ways in which we collaborate with each other, the way we approach strategic initiatives, and the way our leadership team leads the way.

2. Don’t just be proactive, be intentional about how you show up for your team and how they show up for you

What we have seen is when you show up as your best self, it inspires those around you to do the same. We are deliberate in the way we show up to work. We lead by example with each other and in the work that we do for our client partners.

3. Articulate core values that create inspired action

Our core values are the north star that everyone looks toward. We approach each thing we do and measure our success by the way in which we carry out the values. We show up, every time. Ready to give our all. 

4. Invest in the company knowing the people ARE the company

The people on your team and in your corner are your most valuable assets. How you show up for them matters. Creating opportunities for learning and development, growth, and acts of appreciation go a long way in creating a culture that not only supports the team but inspires the team to want to support the business. 

5. Look for opportunities to break down the silos and departments within your organization

With so many ways to do this, we have found a few that really work for us. Every year, we have a company retreat – it’s the one week of the year where we get together. We learn a lot and have a lot of fun along the way. This year it was 100% remote and it was our best retreat yet! In addition to the fun things, we also have a Marketing Pod, Social Justice Pod, Culture Pod, etc. Each of these pod groups has team members from various departments in our organization. Finding ways to collaborate, outside of our day to day tasks really ignites the fire and keeps the team engagement at an all-time high.

One thing I have learned from sitting on the Culture Pod is that a company’s culture will happen with or without action. Culture is simply the collective belief that a team has and the behaviors they have because of those beliefs. A great company culture takes initiative. So, if you’re looking to create a great culture in this remote world, I encourage you to think about what your team believes in, get them involved in the process, and take the first step in making sure you are living by that belief every day.