Creating the Digital Experience with SAP and Sprinklr

If there’s one thing we at Social Tribe pride ourselves on, it’s delivering solutions for enterprise brands who want to deliver more human and intuitive experiences for their customers. These brands need to see real-time results with the data to back it up, to show that their efforts on social media are making an impact on their business goals. As an agency with deep roots in enterprise social media marketing, we have seen the challenges faced by our clients when it comes to finding the right tools to develop and maintain a successful social media program.

That’s the challenge our client SAP was faced with when we first began working with them. The solution? Sprinklr.

Sprinklr is the most complete social media management system for the enterprise, and for the last few years, we’ve developed and grown our Social Media Marketing expertise with Sprinklr as a strategic partner, using real-world feedback from clients to help them solve their most complex social media challenges. By using Sprinklr, we were able to get SAP over their social media hurdles by helping them do the following:

  • Keep up with the sophistication of B2C companies’ expansive and creative social strategies
  • Ensure that their internal operations aligned with their brand promise
  • Have centralized social reporting and listening dashboards
  • Add value to their biggest event of the year through the use of social media displays
  • Amplify their content across multiple channels to get the highest level of visibility possible
  • Meet or exceed global KPIs
  • Increase employee engagement

The video below shows how Sprinklr and SAP were able to join forces to achieve their goals, with Social Tribe as a strategic partner.

We are proud to be a partner alongside SAP and Sprinklr, and look forward to moving the needle forward even more in the future! To learn more about our partnerships, please contact us.