Celebrating the Power of Connection on World Social Media Day

On June 30, 2010, Mashable launched World Social Media Day as a way to recognize and celebrate social media’s impact on global communication. Now, eight years later, social media is the heart of global communication, and its ability to connect us is stronger than ever before. June 30th, 2018 marks the ninth-annual official global celebration of #SMDay. When you’re a digital marketing agency whose foundation was built upon how social media can provide a human connection to help grow businesses and improve the customer experience, you better believe we are celebrating!

Even though every day is essentially social media day for us as a business, we wanted to reflect on what makes social media special to all of us personally. At the end of the day, it all comes down to making and sustaining human connections and learning from others, which is what social media was designed for in the first place. Below, our team shares why social media is important on a human level:



“For me, social media is about maintaining connections. I’ve got a handful of friends who are temporarily living abroad and my fiancee’s family lives in Australia – it helps keep me connected with their day-to-day lives.” – Megan Harr





“Social Media is important to me because it gives me a chance to connect with my sister and nephew who live across the US. It allows us a space to feel close and a sense of togetherness even though we’re thousands of miles apart.” – Jessica Walsh




“Social media makes me a better pen pal and deepens relationships I wouldn’t otherwise have. I get to readily stay in touch with the friends and professionals I meet during my travels.” – Emily Lyman





“Social media takes distance and renders it nearly moot. I have family and friends far-flung, yet I get to talk to them and “see” them every day. The intimacy and immediacy of social media interaction demonstrates how technology is ultimately, inherently, human.” – Madeline Mirasol




“I’ve made dear friends all across the world by sharing my interests on Twitter and Instagram. The real power of social media is that it makes the world seem smaller and a little less lonely.” – Sarah Walsh





“I’ve met several good friends by connecting on social media first and they have become some of the most meaningful friendships in my life! I’m always amazed by the power social media has to connect us with people we may not have access to otherwise.” – Lindsey Schroeder




“Social media is a powerful tool that can connect, inspire and foster community. It is such a great way to learn, to gain support, meet others with a similar passion, and inspire others.” – Theresa Piasta





“I’m a new dog owner to a Mini Goldendoodle puppy. I love connecting & learning from dog owners all over the world on social media. ” – Diana Olson




“To me, social media is all about democratization of information. Back in the day, if you wanted to know how to fix your plumbing, or put together a bike, or take apart a motherboard, you’d have to go into a formal educational program or rely on friends and family to teach you. Today, you can learn it all from the internet! Now, I’m not going to rewire my house on my own anytime soon, but I love that the information is there for anyone to access. In the meantime, I’ll settle for using Youtube to learn how to make pickles and not kill my orchids.” – Tatiana Natzke




“Social media may have it’s pros and cons, but at the end of the day, it’s what keeps me connected to my best friend of 16 years when schedules and distance get in the way. And for that, I will always be grateful.” – Juliet Paulson




How are you celebrating World #SMDay? Connect with us on social media (naturally!) and let us know 🙂