Quarterly Trends Report: Summer 2021

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The world of social media never stops! Our team of social experts has done the research to gather some exciting and important updates to help you keep track of everything new across the digital landscape. Find the full report below, and check out our top picks here: Followers Aren’t Everything In Influencer Marketing, follower count…

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Recapping Our First Social Impact Day

Social Tribe Social Impact Day Recap

Last Friday, the Social Tribe team participated in our first-ever Social Impact Day. It presented a great opportunity for us to make an impact in our communities near and far – contributing to causes that resonated with us – while also taking time to reflect on the importance of Juneteenth. The team spent some time…

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Giving Back with Social Tribe Social Impact Days

Social Impact Days at Social Tribe

It’s been a crazy 18 months. Things like COVID-19, BLM movements, and political unrest (just to name a few) have spurred a lot of questions….which leads to introspection and many people wondering about the bigger picture. What’s our purpose? Is there a greater meaning? We’re on the journey here at Social Tribe too – questioning…

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More Than Rainbows: Drive Change This Pride Month

Pride Month 2021

Pride 2021, the annual commemoration of the Stonewall Riots, is upon us. And while the pandemic will impact it with some celebrations moved, canceled, or blended, brands can still make a positive impact through social media by connecting with the conversation. According to Twitter, one in five tweets about Pride Month mention a brand. With…

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4 Social Media Trends to Leave in 2020

  Now that we’re more than a month into 2021, we’re all in full swing looking for the hot trends in social and what’s coming next. For instance, we know corporate responsibility is vital for brands to keep in mind. But what about the trends we should not be doing? Here are four social media…

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The Next Big Thing in Influencer Marketing: CGI Influencers

At Social Tribe, influencer marketing is our bread and butter. I think we speak for most marketers when we say that it can be highly effective for a brand when done right. But, what will influencer marketing look like in a post-pandemic world? Planning for 2021 will require immense flexibility and a willingness to experiment…

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The Shift in Events in the Digital Era

Digital Events

Remember the days when you were packing your suitcase, booking your flight, and counting down the days till your next big event? In 2019, business was normal, companies all around the world hosted trade shows and massive launch events, and teams came together for annual retreats. Little did we know that 2019 would be the…

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Top 5 Trends: What to Expect in B2B Influencer Marketing in 2020

Much like social media, influencer marketing is ever-evolving and challenging marketers to think outside the box to find ways to creatively partner with and activate influencers. Identifying forward-thinking ways to partner with influencers is not a nice to have – it’s the key to driving greater results and bringing value to your marketing programs. These…

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Working From Home…With Kids!

Working from home is something I have been doing on and off for 14 years, since I started my career in Social Media Marketing back in 2006. At the time I was a Community Manager for a social networking site. I remember people being fascinated that I was working from home, and not even understanding…

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