How to Ensure Your Influencers are Reaching the Right Audience

Are your influencers reaching the right audience?

As enterprise companies continue to look for ways to connect with their audience, influencer marketing is a powerful way to accomplish that goal. But how do you ensure your activations are valuable and your influencers are reaching the right audience? Out of all the questions we get from companies looking to dip their toes into…

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Influencer Marketing Questions You Need to Ask

Ask your team these influencer marketing questions

Thinking about kickstarting your influencer marketing journey but aren’t sure where to start? Well, you’re not alone. More and more B2B enterprise companies are taking the leap every day. And many of them are asking the same influencer marketing questions and facing the same challenges. Not only can it be a daunting task to source…

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New Influencer Marketing Metrics to Help Scale Your Program

Effectively measuring your marketing campaigns have become critical to understand if your efforts are working and how exactly to adjust them if not. Although influencer marketing is still a newer marketing frontier, it too relies heavily on metrics. You’re probably familiar with a lot of these basic metrics: Impressions Reach Shares Saves Likes Comments Engagement…

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Engaging Influencers in a Virtual World

With the shift from in real-life to all-digital the million dollar question is: how do businesses and brands stay connected to consumers in a digital-first world? Social media is ever-evolving necessitates that brands look for new, innovative ways to engage their audiences. Now more than ever, marketers need to focus on creating authentic and meaningful…

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Top 10 Things to Know About SEO

woman working at a computer

Think SEO is dead? Think again. Page rank remains one of the most crucial indicators for success and click-throughs for businesses. When your business is the top hit for a particular search, you are getting more eyes and more traffic than anyone else who would come up in that same search. When your business is…

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5 KPIs to Measure Your Influencer Marketing Program

Influencer programs are a shed load of work. Part of what makes influencer programs more complex compared to other marketing tactics is the same thing that makes them interesting and effective: human relationships. It’s this factor, the human factor, that leads marketers to feel unsure about how they can evaluate an influencer program’s success relative…

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Social Media Marketing for Events: 3 Ways to Start Strong + Lower Stress

stressed out girl at computer

Running or attending industry events creates a special kind of stress. From last-minute requests to changing details to content overload, social media marketing for events can feel like a fast-paced, pressure-filled juggling act. It’s like a race—you’ve trained and put in tons of time, work, and preparation for this moment—and then once it starts, you…

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