Breaking Out Globally as the Disruptive HR Enterprise Software Company for the Mid-Market Industry

A leader in enterprise cloud software based in the UK is a relatively young brand looking to expand rapidly and globally in the saturated industry of HR. They want to be positioned as a disruptive leader in HR for mid-market enterprises. 

In order to do so, they needed to stand out by showing their unique brand philosophy to industry-specific practitioners. As a company, they focuse what people can achieve rather than their product features. They believe their “fit-for-purpose” solutions automate the small stuff, in the background, so people can spend more time reveling in the big ideas. 

But that message wasn’t cohesively coming through into their social media presence. Instead, they looked like every other HR company and promoted products. We saw an opportunity to bring their vision of what people can achieve with their solutions to life through digital storytelling. We sought to humanize the brand on social media while simultaneously showcasing their company culture, values, innovation, and expertise at every digital touchpoint.

That’s where integrated marketing comes into play.

It brings that vision, the cohesive brand story, to life wherever your customers are digitally:  through organic and paid social media, virtual events, digital influencer activations, and creative campaigns. 

So, how did the integrated approach look in action?

We focused on meeting their customers where they are, at the industry-practitioner level, by delivering them a hyper-personalized digital experience.

Connecting with industry-specific practitioners required a hyper-personalized approach where we focused on their individual pain points, unique challenges, and aspirational goals. Moving away from blanketed messaging and taking this approach allowed us to deepen connections and get past the surface level at every digital touchpoint. 

We took that a step further by partnering with key industry influencers to connect with industry-specific practitioners in a more authentic way.

All in all, we helped them more consistently create connections with industry-specific practitioners. Here are a few metrics from the program that reflects that connection:

  • +48% Follower Growth YoY
  • +91% Impressions YoY
  • +246% Engagement YoY
  • +74% Video Views YoY
  • Positive customer sentiment across all key platforms

Keys to this success included highly-targeted, optimized paid ads utilizing data from social listening, a supercharged organic strategy to focus on engagement, and campaigns that showcase their brand values, creativity, and culture. All-in-all it helped increase metrics exponentially while driving all costs per result down exponentially.

See what integrated social can do for you.

If you want to amp up your social, use integrated social marketing to string together content that captivates your audience in ways they haven’t seen before.

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