The Shift in Events in the Digital Era

Digital Events

Remember the days when you were packing your suitcase, booking your flight, and counting down the days till your next big event? In 2019, business was normal, companies all around the world hosted trade shows and massive launch events, and teams came together for annual retreats. Little did we know that 2019 would be the…

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Top 5 Trends: What to Expect in B2B Influencer Marketing in 2020

Much like social media, influencer marketing is ever-evolving and challenging marketers to think outside the box to find ways to creatively partner with and activate influencers. Identifying forward-thinking ways to partner with influencers is not a nice to have – it’s the key to driving greater results and bringing value to your marketing programs. These…

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Engaging Influencers in a Virtual World

With the shift from in real-life to all-digital the million dollar question is: how do businesses and brands stay connected to consumers in a digital-first world? Social media is ever-evolving necessitates that brands look for new, innovative ways to engage their audiences. Now more than ever, marketers need to focus on creating authentic and meaningful…

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