#AloneTogether: Staying Connected During Social Distancing


As social beings, humans are hard-wired to crave connection. We yearn for happy hours, brunch dates, and being surrounded by loved ones. Since the initiation of social distancing, if you have the privilege to do so, you’re now working from home instead of the office which can feel really isolating. Yet, even though we’re all physically apart, it doesn’t mean we can’t feel connected.

Even though we’re all physically apart, it doesn’t mean we can’t feel connected. Click To Tweet

Here are some ways we can be alone but stay together:


Virtual Cocktail hour or dinner

Virtual happy hours are the best!

Save money by staying at home but get all the benefits of sharing a drink and food with your pals. Our team has been hosting virtual happy hours for a few years, connecting via zoom and enjoying getting to know each other outside of work.


Game Night
Take a mental break from stress and boost productivity all while having some fun with friends and colleagues. From Yahtzee to Chess you can play online for free. They even have an online version of Cards Against Humanity, if that suits your fancy.


Group Yoga/ Workout
There are plenty of people on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube uploading free workouts including live streaming with thousands of other home users. Add it to your calendar and coordinate with coworkers to keep you motivated then voila- you just got yourself some stellar endorphins while putting in some much-needed team bonding.

Here are a few of our favorite YouTube gurus:

Brett Larkin Yoga
Pamela Rei

Yoga with Adriene

Our very own Nic Michael with his sweet angel baby, Romeo.

Get outside
While we’re asked to stay away from other people, this doesn’t mean you can’t take a walk in your neighborhood or, if you’re lucky enough, your own backyard. Grab your dog and get some much needed fresh air!


Book Club
Step 1. Pick a book and grab a friend or two.
Step 2. Discuss said book
That’s it!


Corner of happy

Megan Conley’s cute corner of happy gives off all sorts of calm vibes.

“Getting stuck where you live can seem repetitive, we get it. Try creating a corner of happiness by putting up pictures that make you smile, lighting your favorite candles, and adding a few houseplants that make you feel calm. Whatever it is- make yourself a small shrine that, whenever you look at it, brings out a little sunshine.” – Megan Conley


Video Chat
“I’m trying to use this as an opportunity to feel closer to the friends and family who are the furthest from me. One of my best friends lives 3,000+ miles away, but suddenly it feels like she’s the same distance away as those who live down the street. Everyone is a FaceTime or Skype call away, and in that regard, it’s almost comforting. We even have plans to watch a movie “together” this week.

Also #QuartentineCats on Twitter is my new favorite hashtag.”- Juliet O’Connor


Spring Cleaning
What better time to purge unwanted items like now? Go through old drawers, cabinets, and closets to lighten your load.


Last on our list but most certainly not least is a big one. Pick your charity of choice or one catered to helping those in need due to COVID-19.

Here are a few to get you started:
Feeding America
No Kid Hungry
Meals on Wheels
CDC Foundation
Global Giving

Experts are unsure of how long we’ll need to practice social distancing but it’s important to keep your physical and mental health a priority. While we may be keeping our physical distance from one another, we can’t take away our connectedness.