80 Leads in 3 Months: Using Paid Social Media to Convert Manufacturing and Supply Chain Senior-Level Decision Makers into High-Quality Leads

A leading provider of Flow Operations software was named to the 2021 Deloitte Technology Fast 500, which recognizes the most innovative, fastest-growing technology companies.  They spent the last five years heavily investing in R&D and developing its portfolio of artificial intelligence software applications. Their Supply Chain Flow technology now helps Fortune 500 companies solve the chronic problem of operations entropy in manufacturing and the supply chain. But, they needed support getting in front of senior-level decision-makers at those companies. 

That’s where paid social media advertising comes into play.

They knew their audience’s basic traits – job titles, seniority level, and company – which gave us a great starting point. But they didn’t know what messaging resonates with their audience, what kind of content gets them excited, and most importantly – how to drive them from the awareness stage to a conversion.   

To bring those insights, we conducted a complete audit of their paid social media program, analyzing all of their historical data to understand how they targeted their audience in the past – what worked, what didn’t work, and how we can turn the key learnings into actionable items that can drive our refined paid social media strategy. 

Targeting is only half the battle. Success comes down to delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time in the funnel. 

Otherwise, you’re telling the right people the wrong message, which wastes valuable time and money. Their target audience was ready to move beyond the awareness stage and we needed to strategically guide them through the consideration stage and then towards the conversion stage over the course of six months. Our solution was a lead generation-focused, paid social media program that took a “right content, right stage of the funnel” approach – which brought a focus, structure, and strategy that was previously missing from campaigns.

Before we could drive valuable leads, we had to further build audience trust, which is how this approach works.

The program started with a two-month web traffic campaign focused on learning more about the decision-makers while growing the relationship. We served high-value content, a free, downloadable e-book, strategically designed to allow our target audience to get to know the company even better without asking for anything in return.

Web Traffic Campaign Ad

We then took those learnings and meticulously optimized targeting and retargeting, content, and messaging for the lead generation campaign within the program. To move the decision-makers from the consideration phase (website traffic) to the conversion phase (lead generation), we retargeted the users who engaged with our website traffic campaigns with an even higher value piece of content, on-demand webinars. But at this part in the funnel, we asked for something in return – their contact information.  

Lead Generation Campaign Ad

By serving the right content, to the right audience, at the right time, we increased the chances of getting contact information from the decision-makers exponentially –  resulting in 80 high-quality leads from supply chain and manufacturing decision-makers in three months, all while besting industry benchmarks across the board. This campaign became one of their biggest lead generation engines for the year.

How did we ensure the leads were high quality?

The audience targeting strategy didn’t stop when the campaign launched. We worked in lockstep with the team to refine and optimize daily and weekly as new data came in – doubling down on the targeting criteria they saw as high-quality and removing targeting criteria they didn’t see as high-quality.

A key to the program’s success was the company trusting the marketing funnel process. With these strategies working collectively, we not only brought in maximum leads but we maximized value for the cost: 

  • Average Cost Per Lead: 3X less than the industry average
  • Average CTR: Over 3X higher than the industry average
  • Conversion rate: Over 3X higher than the industry average
  • Lead form completion rate: Nearly 4X higher than the industry average

With the right content, strategy, and execution, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for your lead generation efforts – even when your target audience feels impossible to engage. Do you think there’s an opportunity to leverage your social for lead generation? Our team of digital experts is ready to help. Reach out today.