4 Social Media Trends to Leave in 2020


Now that we’re more than a month into 2021, we’re all in full swing looking for the hot trends in social and what’s coming next. For instance, we know corporate responsibility is vital for brands to keep in mind. But what about the trends we should not be doing? Here are four social media trends we hope stay in 2020 so we can move onto bigger and better things in 2021:

1. Content for the Sake of Content

My hope for digital marketing in 2021 is that we see a massive shift towards hyper-strategic content development. With every brand pivoting towards digital, 2020 was a hot mess consisting of more blogs, video series, podcasts, and webinars than we’ve ever seen before. Now that marketing teams have had time to live in the “new normal” and examine what it means for their companies, I hope they leave behind content for the sake of content and that 2021 will be the year we remember the goal of great content—to provide value to your online audience. – Juliet, Content Strategist

2. Brands Desperately Trying to Go Viral

Distasteful/tone-deaf ad campaigns from brands targeted at the wrong demographic for their product or not cognizant of Covid concerns. I think this could be classified as a trend of brands desperately trying to go viral. The name of the game in 2021 will be corporate responsibility and timely messaging. Examples of marketing campaigns that missed the mark were Kraft mac and cheese, with their “Send Noods” campaign, and Tropicana, with their secret mimosa stash for parents campaign. – Kavya, Influencer Strategist

3. Jumping in without Context

I’m hoping we see companies and influencers leave behind posting under a hashtag or trending topic without fully grasping what the conversation is about. We’ve seen over the years social media accounts jumping in on a trend with something they think will be humorous, but is totally off the mark within the context of that conversation. When you’re trying to share thoughts in real-time, mistakes are bound to happen from time to time but it’s probably a smart idea to take a step back and ready the room before hitting the post button. – Robert, Sr. Marketing Manager

4. Scamming Young People

Something I call scam-fluencers, where brands on social media target young people, specifically minorities, and ask them to be influencers for their brands when in fact they’re just duping these kids into buying their merchandise and not having to pay for them to share on kids’ social channels. They especially try to tap into progressive causes like Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, women’s rights, anti-GMO—all that stuff. And these kids they target are not influencers by any stretch. They might have less than 100 followers so they jump at the chance to be an influencer. – Erin, Account Strategist

What are some social media trends you’d like to leave behind? Let us know in the comments or connect with us.