3 Reasons Why Interactive Content Should Be on Your Radar Right Now

The year is 2011: you just got back from drinks with some friends and find yourself laying in bed, scrolling on your phone, when you come across a quiz that promises to answer the question, “What major US city are you meant to live in?” You tap through a series of multiple choice questions to find that you belong in Nashville! You smile, set your phone down on the nightstand, and go to sleep. Life is good.

We’ve all been engaging with interactive content for longer than we might even realize. Savings calculators and BuzzFeed quizzes feel like they’re an intrinsic part of the digital experience, and yet, interactive content as a medium has largely been dismissed as a buzzword-y, passing trend by many brands over the years. And to be fair, there are tons of marketers out there who’ve been focused on developing omnichannel experiences that focus more on brick-and-mortar interactions and live events than on carving out a compelling presence for their brand to live in the digital space. But now the year is 2021 and it’s a whole heck of a different ball game. With the COVID-19 pandemic raging all around us, brands can no longer afford to look at creating compelling digital experiences as an option. If you haven’t already been pushing for innovative digital content, the best time to start is now and the best tactic to embrace is interactive. 

Here are three reasons why you should dive in: 

1. Deliver interaction

I’m a steadfast introvert, but even I feel like I’ve been cooped up at home for about 50 years now. It’s a truly shocking revelation, but I MISS PEOPLE. I even miss the small, day-to-day interactions at coffee shops and in passing on the street that have become relics of a bygone era, and I know for a fact that I’m not alone. Humans crave the give and take of interactions—and any marketers who want to successfully engage users in today’s world should be striving to mimic that experience as best we can. Of course, we can’t just hop on the phone with every customer or break them out of quarantine, but we can simulate a two-way interaction through interactive content experiences that enable the user to click through, answer questions, trigger animations, and learn and engage at their own pace, while getting something in return.

2. Drive engagements…and shares…and conversions

More time spent at home during the pandemic has meant more time online. But while digital activity has increased, so has digital competition as brands are competing for attention online, and engagements are falling as a result. To break through the noise, marketers must focus on creating dynamic content that stands out against the millions of blogs being pushed out by every company imaginable. Interactive content is the solution, as it drives engagements at twice the rate of static content and boosts conversion rates 40-50 percent. Add to that the fact that users are 25 percent more likely to share content that has interactivity, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for content marketing success in the COVID era.

3. Gather data

Last, but certainly not least, interactive content takes back-end analytics to a whole new level, providing unparalleled insights into exactly what engaged users are interested in by showing you what they interact with. When a user reads a blog, what data do they leave behind? You might know that they were there and for how long and have an understanding of whether or not they shared the content—but what if you could have more than that? What if you could understand exactly which parts of the content they engaged with? What if you could better understand the journey a user takes to navigate through your content? You could use that data to make better, more informed decisions, to segment your audiences, and drive better results in the long run.


We can’t say for sure when in-person interactions will once again become the norm, but we’re confident that brands can still deliver on engaging experiences through the power of interactive content. If you’re looking to double down on dynamic digital experiences, but don’t know where to start, contact us today! We’d be happy to partner with you to bring it to life.