3 Reasons Why Integrated Social Marketing Builds a Multi-Dimensional Brand Experience


Integrated Social Marketing

Let’s talk integrated social marketing. Is it just another buzzword or is it a strategy your team should consider implementing? We know it’s a term overused and misused time and time again in the B2B space. But, it can really add value to your marketing program. In our experience, a well-executed integrated social marketing campaign more meaningfully engages and builds relationships with your audience.

Before we talk about its value, let’s define integrated marketing as we see it. Whereas omnichannel marketing focuses on the customer experience, or how your audience consumes your message, integrated marketing focuses on the message itself – delivering a unified, holistic message through every point of contact. A compelling integrated story fuels the omnichannel fire – creating a more powerful story for your brand.

Here are three reasons why innovative B2B technology brands are using integrated social marketing. 

1. It creates stronger connections with your audience

Your product offering is no longer enough – customers need to believe in your brand. You need to generate brand awareness and build relationships with your audience before they buy. And that’s not always easy when your message is jumbled. With 80% of B2B sales interactions projected to occur on digital channels by 2025, you have to start building these digital relationships now. An integrated approach works because it adapts your brand message to each platform and creates a story that emotionally resonates with your customers.

How? By getting to know your audience through social listening then leverage that data to find the best approach to reaching and engaging them. 

Take a recent social listening report we built for a B2B technology influencer working with a leading computer memory and data storage brand. Through audience, topic, and keyword analysis, our team identified key recommendations around messaging themes, paid social media targeting, and creative content to extend the life of their campaign on social media.

2. It keeps you focused and consistent

There’s a lot of noise out there. If you’re trying to tell multiple stories at once, you’re just adding to it. As you know, customers don’t usually buy after the first interaction with your brand. It takes time. Creating and delivering consistent graphics, headlines, and phrases helps the message start to stick and become memorable to your audience, increasing brand awareness.

Leveraging this focus, we helped position an enterprise cloud software company as a disruptive leader in HR for mid-market enterprises by bringing their vision of what people can achieve with their solutions to life through digital storytelling. All in all, we helped Unit4 more consistently create connections with industry-specific practitioners, increasing their engagement by 246% year over year. 

3. It gets you better results

As a B2B marketer, you understand how fickle marketing budgets can be. You need to justify your spending with results. Integrated marketing empowers you to save and succeed.. Focusing on a single message not only creates consistency and stronger alignment but also minimizes the number of campaigns you need to create and reduces the number of inconsistent campaigns you run.

Combining communication tools (omnichannel marketing) and messaging unifies the customer journey to increase the likelihood of sales and brand loyalty. Integrating campaigns across more than four channels can outperform single or dual-channel campaigns by 300% (Gartner).

When HYCU released the R-Score – a free assessment tool for organizations to measure their ransomware recovery readiness level – we worked with the team to implement a strategic, integrated marketing campaign to promote the launch. Spanning across paid social, organic social, and influencer marketing, here’s what we achieved in just a few months:

  • Organic engagement tactics (informed by social listening data) earned an additional 30K impressions. 
  • Influencers drove almost 2K additional website clicks. 
  • Paid media drove 20K engagements on social with a reach of 1.3M

Uplevel your storytelling with integrated marketing

You might have already dipped your toes in the integrated marketing pool – an estimated 44% of B2B marketers have some sort of integrated strategy underway. But that doesn’t mean you have it figured out. And it’s okay. It’s not the easiest feat, but it’s so worth it in the end when you connect with your audience on a deeper level. Here’s how to get started with a deep dive into your audience

If you’d like to work with the B2B integrated social marketings for innovative tech companies, contact our experts today.