10 SMMW19 Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss

As Social Media Marketing World 2019 draws closer, we’re making mental notes on all of the amazing speakers that are lined up! Trust us, the following talks are presentations that you do not want to miss. If you can’t make it in person, we’d recommend considering a virtual ticket. These are our top 10 picks.

Influencer Marketing: Lessons From the Trenches: By Megan Conley & Ursula Ringham

Starting off with a little shameless self-promotion for this one! But really, these ladies are about to drop some serious knowledge on the influencer marketing journey, and offer topical, seasoned advice for pros and novices alike. Our own CEO, Megan, joins Ursula, Head of Global Influencer Marketing for SAP, for an impressive collective knowledge base when it comes to influencer marketing. Read our sneak peak of their session here.


Attribution Analysis: How Social Media Marketers Can Stay on the Leading Edge: By Christopher Penn

Christopher Penn is the VP of Marketing Technology at PR firm SHIFT Communications, the co-founder of PodCamp New Media Community Conference, and is the co-host of the Marketing Over Coffee podcast. He himself is an example of staying ahead of the curve deep within his own professional endeavors, and his talk on maintaining cutting-edge social media marketing is sure to be insightful.


How to Quickly Create Videos With Screencasting: By Steve Dotto

As social media and personal technology continues to move at lightning-speed, the ability to get content up – fast – takes precedence. Steve Dotto, loveably known as “Canada’s most respected geek,” has a soft spot for YouTube over all other current networks. His more traditional “How-To” stream is complemented by a newer focus on the growth and monetization of a YouTube channel. Listen to his talk to glean first-hand insights on video best practices for marketing.


How to Use Live Video to Amplify Your Brand Exposure: By Jennifer Watson

Jennifer Watson’s impressive resume includes that of an Emmy-winning meteorologist, speaker, podcaster, and social media specialist. Tune in to her talk to learn about her first-hand experience with a massively successful Facebook Live launch for The Weather Channel, and how to use live video in your own organization’s endeavors.


How to Grow Your Audience and Drive Sales With Facebook and Instagram Live: By Alex Khan

Alex Khan, aka Germany’s top most followed social media coach, made himself into a personal case study of his specialty: driving audience with live social media platforms. Within a year of the launch of Periscope, his personal brand had garnered 400,000 followers and his hashtag, #WeKhan, registered an impressive 100 million impressions within the first three months. These credentials speak for themselves! As live video quickly grows in popularity on the most-used social media channels, this talk is one you can’t afford to miss.


Tools and Tactics to Optimize Your Content Marketing: By Ian Cleary

Ian Clearly brings a diverse mix to the social media marketing table! He’s the founder of RazorSocial, writes for Forbes, is an instructor at Rutgers University, and is the co-author of Digital Marketing Growth Hacks. His specialty lies within helping brands hone their content marketing – something we could all use some help with.


How to Create Profitable Alignment Between Social Marketing and Social Selling: By Erin Gargan King

Erin Gargan King brings her background in digital persuasion to the SMMW19 stages for what is sure to be an engaging talk! She’s the #1 Amazon best-selling author of Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter in the Modern Marketplace and the founder of social media agency, Socialite Agency, that has garnered top clients like The Oscars, ABC/Disney, VISA, Target, and more. Don’t miss her time on the stage.


A LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy to Catapult Your Visibility, Credibility, and Business: By Viveka von Rosen

Viveka von Rosen is known as the LinkedIn Expert for a reason! She’s the co-founder of Vengresso, hailed as the world’s largest full spectrum social selling provider. She’s also the best-selling author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day and LinkedIn: 101 Ways to Rock Your Personal Brand. You won’t be able to leave her talk without inspiration and a mental game plan to refresh your own LinkedIn.


Social Media Reimagined: How to Adapt to a World Without Loyalty: By Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer needs no introduction, but we’ll humor you. His newest book, Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins, dives deeply into the storied past of customer loyalty and its relationship with marketing. As loyalties have evolved, marketing, along with social media marketing, has had to keep up. Listen to his talk to get his latest take.


The Rise of Digital Distraction: How Businesses (and You) Need to Change: By Brian Solis

Principal analyst and futurist at Altimeter. Award-winning author of seven best-selling books. World-renowned keynote speaker and digital anthropologist. Brian’s resume runs deep, and his passion for disruptive technology drives much of his most recent work. He’ll bring his current research on digital transformation, trends and behavior to the stage for a truly dynamic talk.