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Your Most Valuable Influencers Are Right in Front of You

Are you a marketer having trouble finding the right influencers for your business? Stop the endless search – you already know who your most valuable influencers are, because they’re right under your nose. Allow me to explain! In a previous post, I discussed the importance of leveraging micro-influencers for your brand — tapping into those who have…

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How to Breakthrough Your Audience’s Content Fatigue – Megan Conley on the AMPUP Podcast

  Originally posted on the GaggleAMP blog. On this episode of AMPUP Your Digital Marketing, host Glenn Gaudet is joined by Megan Conley, CEO and Founder of Social Tribe. Megan and her team build and deliver leading-edge social, content and influencer programs for enterprise brands. She has worked with businesses such as SAP, SuccessFactors, Cisco Systems and HP,…

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[Video] 5 Ways to Hack the New Facebook Algorithm

Facebook decided to change its algorithm. Again. And businesses, as well as the stock market, freaked out a bit. While the stock price mostly recovered, we’d like to help you recover from the shock of hearing about the impending moves which, according to Mark Zuckerberg himself, are going to affect how business pages, promotional messaging…

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