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Twitter Changes Its Game, But Should You Change With It?

Twitter took a huge leap about two weeks ago by making a fundamental change to the rules of its game – it increased its character limit from 140 to 280. The Tweetverse chirped loudly, mostly in protest. But Jack Dorsey must know what he’s doing, right? This isn’t the first time the bird has loosened…

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A Beginner’s Social Media Guide for Small Businesses

Originally posted on Social Media Examiner. Are you ready to connect with a wider audience? Want to know the best ways to leverage social media for your small business? If you haven’t used social media to market your products and services, you’re going to love how easy it is to get started. In this article, I’ll…

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Case Study: Social Media Game Training (#SMGT)

This is a guest post written by Josh Camire, Director of Digital Communications at Jackson Family Wines, one of the most widely known wine brands in the world. In this blog, he introduces social media challenges as a method to train a national salesforce on how to leverage social media to support their goals and…

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