Group Account Director

As a Group Account Director, you will provide strategic leadership and daily client management while leading a multidisciplinary team that plans and executes complex programs and projects. The Group Director helps client leaders define their needs and provides daily leadership to clients, the account team and other internal teams, ensuring clients are maximizing use of Social Tribe agency capabilities, all while delivering a stellar experience with consistent account/client management and effective business management. The GAD has the added responsibility of leading account teams in driving business growth for the agency. The team’s success (and yours) will depend on your ability to nurture long term client relationships, create new opportunities and serve as a client advocate.




Competencies (where you shine): 

You are a highly-organized individual with a keen eye to the details and a passion for the big picture. Building high-performing, collaborative and inspired teams is where you shine - you’re a master conductor when it comes to generating excitement, consensus and purpose both within internal teams and amongst client partners.


  • You are an ego-free personality that thrives when working with a highly motivated team
  • You have a strong and deep understanding of social-digital platforms, and emerging tech
  • You are proactive, not just reactive (you see hurdles/improvements miles away)
  • You can evaluate the feasibility of complex programs or campaigns and help steer the ship towards success
  • You’re a problem solver at heart who always seeks to find a win-win solution
  • You excel at giving feedback, grounded in empathy and respect for others
  • You’re agile and adapt at managing multiple projects at once
  • You’re a role model and a teacher, creating the conditions for your team to grow and thrive

Responsibilities (what you’d be doing day-to-day):

As a perpetual student of our clients’ industries, you possess a deep understanding of each client’s business and objectives. You understand the industry, competitors, key drivers, and environment. You relentlessly work to identify opportunities to bring value to our client’s business are always looking for ways to develop and strengthen relationships within the client organization and agency partners.  You understand the only way to be successful and grow the business is to build trust and evolve these relationships at all levels.


  • Account Growth + Expansion: You make it your business to develop a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and use those insights to develop new project ideas that align with customer and brand goals. Additionally, you take ownership of the financials for clients including forecasts, budgets and investments and align business with the appropriate staff.
  • Team Management: Develop team members by coaching, training and identifying areas for growth. Provide direct and consistent feedback on an ongoing basis and serve as a key contributor to a positive, innovative and collaborative and cooperative work environment.
  • Business Expansion: Identify opportunities to and develop a plan to expand existing account opportunities.Support the leadership team and drive sales pipeline by contributing to new business pitches. You’re a strong storyteller with impeccable presentation skills as well as an innate ability to connect the dots and inspire key stakeholders with the big picture opportunity.
  • CollaborationYou have an amazing ability to bring people together to work for a common goal. Whether it’s leading your team or partnering with a client, you relentlessly work to find a win-win solution. As a great team leader, you can oversee multiple projects at the same time, keeping our service teams as stress-free as possible, all while maintaining a tight focus on creating an outstanding experience for our clients.
  • Deliverables: Focus on high-quality client deliverables and error-free launches. Oversee the quality control for all deliverables; ensure deadlines and accounts are managed on budget and to client satisfaction.

Qualifications (the non-negotiables)

  • Minimum of 7years of experience with a digital agency. B2B enterprise is a requirement
  • 4 - 5 years experience running accounts and teams, preferably in the social/digital space.
  • Proven ability to act as consultant to Director and C-Level executives.
  • Deep understanding of leading-edge social, content and influencer marketing practices and activations within the industry.
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to interact with tech folks, business stakeholders, clients, etc.
  • Confidence to serve as public face of the agency through internal and external thought leadership and speaking opportunities.
  • Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced (sometimes chaotic) environment while maintaining a sense of perspective.
  • Ability to adapt to new situations, solve problems on the fly, and communicate with those around you. Teamwork and scrappiness required.
  • A shared passion and curiosity for making change. This includes comfort with ambiguity, a restlessness that resists the status quo, and a commitment to quality that ensures we're always making progress.
  • Demonstrated business planning abilities (account growth plans, financial targets, revenue projections, etc).

Personal Style

Clients trust you. Your team trusts you. You’re tough as nails. But you’re honest. You’re not a “Yes Man” but you do love saying yes. And no. You’re that rare individual who thinks it’s actually kind of fun to juggle the needs of conflicting sides of an operation because it’s hard to do…and you’re good at it.

  • You love a meaty challenge
  • You possess a keen eye and exhibit great taste for best-in-class digital and social work
  • You are an ego-free personality that can work with a highly motivated team to get shit done
  • You’re curious, always thinking about how to improve and drive results
  • You’re independent and thrive in situations where you can take initiative and lead the charge
  • You’re passionate about social trends, new technology, and digital marketing
  • You proactively seek opportunities where you can share and learn from others

A little bit about us:

Social Tribe is a data-driven agency, focused on solutions. We help enterprise companies build integrated social, content, and influencer programs to increase revenue & improve the customer experience.

Our most important asset? People. In fact, talent is the heartbeat of our business. We’re looking for “drivers”; big thinkers with an entrepreneurial and strategic mindset — people who are committed to exceptional client service, aren’t afraid to experiment with new ideas. And, we are all about finding and nurturing individuals who are ready to do great work. At Social Tribe, you’ll collaborate with great minds while being challenged to meet and exceed your potential.

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