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The Changing State of Social and the Metrics you Should be Measuring in the New Digital Age

The world of marketing is headed towards a new and different normal. As we see huge shifts in online activity and behaviors, it’s our job to know how our strategy measures up against evolving trends.  That’s why we’ve put this interactive guide together to help you keep up with the changing state of social and…

#ModelTheWay: Relationships First

  In our first #ModelTheWay post, our founder, Megan Conley, discussed how important culture is in maintaining relationships and relating to our coworkers in the very virtual world. We are unified under the shared belief that our core beliefs are meaningful and matter. Below, you’ll find an array of individuals that inspire us—but more specifically,…

The Shift in Events in the Digital Era

Remember the days when you were packing your suitcase, booking your flight, and counting down the days till your next big event? In 2019, business was normal, companies all around the world hosted trade shows and massive launch events, and teams came together for annual retreats. Little did we know that 2019 would be the…